Vsauce: what is the resolution of the eye? 576 megapixels or 8 megapixels

Well, this is a question i never though it would exist. Vsauce dives, as always, into the world of unthinkable questions and, through research, brings us the answers we seek. 576 megapixels seems to be the resolution of our eye, but remember that resolution is not everything, you also need to see a clear image, you need to have the sharpness of the objects too.

So, in a sense, resolution of our eye is not enough, you also need lighting, sharpness, focus. Although the total field of view of our eye would encompass 576 megapixels, we would only need about 7+1 megapixels at a time to see what we need to see.

Great one, Vsauce.

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