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Cosmic crimes: galaxy clusters pillaging travelling galaxies of their gas reserves

Dr. J, aka Joe Liske, a cool science guy working at ESO in several projects and among then as a science liaison for E-ELT and collaborating with ESA/Hubble, takes us through a journey into cosmic crimes. Somehow somewhere big guys like to bully galaxies and the NASA animation shows clearly how that works out for the lone galaxies.

These big cosmic bullies are galaxy clusters, clumps of galaxies bound together by gravity that travel as a group throughout the vastness of space. When galaxies meet such clusters, conflict ensues and the galaxies end up being victims.

In the video from above you can see galaxy cluster Abell 3627 as it pillages the lonely travelling spiral galaxy ESO 137-001. What you can see is that the galaxy cluster steals the gas from ESO 137-001 rendering this galaxy unable to form future stars and forcing it to become, after enough time, a spherical galaxy.

So, bad boys are on cosmic scales too. Not good šŸ˜€

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