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Travel secrets from BuzzFeed

If you want to travel, then you need to prepare yourself by knowing first, how to handle certain situations. Now that the boilerplate text has been written, what does BuzzFeed give us as advice?

Well, check some of these pieces of advice:
– ask at the hotel desk if you forget your charger – those guys usually have forgotten chargers
– the cheapest flight to book depends on where you go: US to US 3-7 weeks out, Europe 8 – 10 months out, ASIA 9 – 10 months out, Africa 3-5 weeks out
– use an ATM to exchange money – those have the best exchange rates
– if you want to book a cheap flight from A to B and cannot, then book a flight from A to C, that lets you change the plane in B, and then stay in B.

More on these in the BuzzFeed video.

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