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Short history of the microscope – SciShow video

Hank Green takes us through a short history of the microscope which we have used for more than 400 years now. Many say that the inventors of the microscope are Hans and Zacharias Janssen who created this device in the late 1500s and were able to magnify objects up to 9x.

70 years later Robert Hooke was able to actually see tiny specs of life and then called them cells. Antony van Leeuwenhoek later on improved the microscope to magnify objects up to 270x and he could see: bacteria, which he called animalcules, sperm, red blood cells.

In the late 1800s we already had a microscope that was pretty similar to what we use today.

From that point on humans developed the next stages of the microscope: ultra-microscope, which in 1926 would let you check things smaller than the wavelength of the light; phase contrast microscope, which in the 50s let you study colorless/transparent materials; electron microscope, which lets you magnify images up to 10000000x; scanning tunneling microscope, which lets you see atoms.

Go lower than that and you get a Nobel prize 😀

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