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Anti-vaxers: Stop, you’re killing people!

Because of some stupid fuck who wanted to implement his own vaccine into the MMR and suggested that vaccines might generate autism, now a lot of people, women mainly, are against vaccines although the vaccines have saved a lot of lives and eradicated some illnesses.

TheMetaPicture has taken a screenshot of somebody who was eager to spread panic among the people by asking why mercury and some other compounds are used in the vaccines and why the medics are allowed to use them, but why not regular people.

Well, the answer is pretty short actually: because the scientists and doctors are learning a ton of things before they use vaccines, you stupid. You can’t simply mix shit up in a syringe, inject it in somebody and then tell them that vaccines are bad. Gizas.

See what a scientist had to say (images via The Meta Picture):

2 replies on “Anti-vaxers: Stop, you’re killing people!”

Mercury (in the form of thimerosol) hasn’t been used in vaccines for donkey’s years; even though the guy who falsified (and later retracted) his study said it was bad and caused autism, it was easier to get rid of the thimerosol than the hysteria surrounding it. That physician has surrendered his license to practice and lost all credibility in the scientific community, and yet the hysteria lives on. Vaccines are packaged in single-dose vials, so there is no need for preservatives in them; you can ask to see yours drawn up if you don’t believe that.

The tech around vaccines or specific substances are not that important right now. What is important is that vaccines save lives by preparing our body in the fight with viruses.

As you pointed out, it is really strange that the hysteria remained although the guy who initiated it has been proved to be wrong. He must now be damn glad that a ton of kids die because of this selfish actions, i recon.

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