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Finally: TEK RMD – Robotic Mobilization Device – STARTS SHIPPING

What is Tek RMD from Tek RMC on Vimeo.

An older post I wrote about TEK RMD Robotic Mobilization Device attracted quite a ton of questions form people eager to know when will this robotc device start shipping and if it is covered by health insurance. Although it may be a big cluncky, it will offer great help for people with mobilization issues. This is why is is so awesome and why people are wanting it so bad.

Yesterday, Feb 19th 2014, I got an update from them. It seems that the Sun is shining, people:

Greetings Friends of Matia Robotics
The time has finally arrived! We’re excited to announce that we’re in compliance with 93/42/EEC – and can begin planning the delivery of the TEK RMD. Initial deliveries will be outside of the United States as we wait for FDA approval.

The first units will be delivered to Europe, Asia and Australia. Once we receive clearance from the FDA we can begin shipping to the United States. We just wrapped up a professional photo session of the finished device – once we have the pictures we will send them to you and then update the website – they look fantastic – we are so proud of the way everything came together! We are also creating a 360 degree video so you can see how the TEK RMD really looks from all perspectives.

Thank you for all of your support and patience as we work hard to get the first production units out the door. For all of you who placed reservations, the TEK RMD will be shipped according to the date your payment was received. Very soon we will be sending out some additional forms and final payment notes so we can schedule deliveries.

As always, you can find out more about the Tek RMD and Matia Robotics at the link below.


We could not be happier to be bringing this new platform to market, and thank you for being a friend of Matia Robotics.

-Team Matia

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