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RoboCop: 10 interesting facts about the movie + trailer

RoboCop 2014 movie will be launched tomorrow, on Feb 7th, and it will be a hit. I have seen the original Robocop and it was amazing, something new, something else. The guys has great ideas back then in the 80s.

Now, the good guys at AllTime10 have created a video with 10 interesting things we may not know about the ORIGINAL movie and the people surrounding it.

Here are a couple of facts about the original RoboCop movie:
– most of the shots for the movie have been taken around Dallas, not Detroit
– the movie depicts Detroit as a city with a lot of dept, which is true
– a 10 Ft statue of RoboCop will be erected in Detroit
– the movie has a copyright at the ending stating that “criminal prosecution by enforcement droids”
– more in the video above.

And here is the movie trailer:

And another one:

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