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Mental Floss: 29 misconceptions about alcohol

Mental Floss brings us 29 misconceptions about alcohol and you won’t believe that what you knew was true is, in fact, not true. For example: if you eat before drinking, you will not get drunk. That is not true, you will still get drunk, but a little later.

Some other misconceptions:
– if you mix drinks you’ll get drunker – not
– if you go to the toilet once, then you’ll have to go the entire night – false, you would still have to go to the toilet
– the amount of alcohol doesn’t diminish of you eat or do sport – only after enough time has passed the alcohol from the body will be gone
– the order in which you drink alcohol types matters – not
– “beer belly” is not generated by… beer drinking, if comes from the lots of calories you eat
– alcohol does not make you hallucinate
– sucking on a penny will not make you pass a breathalizer test
– alcohol does not improve performance in bed

And many more. Just watch the video 😀

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