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Alltime10: what’s wrong in “10 Unsolved Mysteries Of Space”?

In the video called “10 Unsolved Mysteries Of Space” from Alltime10 the guys showed great images, great music, but some of the facts are wrong. Can you guess which of them? For the space fans out there the wrong facts simply pop out like supernovae, but I’ll outline here them too. Firstly, the things they talk about in the video are not mysteries, they are facts or theories, and some of them pretty well known like how the Sun is getting so much heat into the corona or how dark matter interacts with light (it doesn’t ).

So, what is wrong in the video from above? These things:
1. there are not 860 million probable Earth like planets in the Milky Way, there are 8.8 billion such planets. In a couple of hundreds of years, when we’ll be able to travel to other stars we will have big surprises
2. dark matter does not absorb light
3. the suns atmosphere is that hot because its not very dense and particles are accelerated by magnetic fields and collisions with other particles
4. there are several types of stars and only some go supernova and its well understood how a supernovae occurs
5. black holes do not suck things into them more than the Sun is sucking planets into itself.

Did you see something else wrong in the video too?

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