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Learn some YouTube secrets: easter eggs unveiled by Buzzfeed

The good guys at BuzzFeed have created a short video about the nice easter eggs Google has put in this video service. I player a while around with them and they are really neat. I do have a question: were do we find a list of more of these easter eggs?

For now here are the easter eggs from Youtube. Just type these in YouTube’s search bar:
– use the force luke – move the search results with the pointer
– 1980 (when a movie is playing) – play an old arcade game
– / geek week – see the search results page in a geeky minimalistic way
– beam me up scotty – beam the search results to the page
– &pow=1&nohtml5=1 (ad this to the video url and press enter to show a cartoon version of the video)
– doge meme – see the cute dog meme

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