Vsauce explains why your butt is important: it gives humans great endurance and more [video]

Before our behind were called butts, they were called bums. Our posterior is not a bummer, but instead it is a great part of our body that gives us endurance. When compared to other animals, like horses or antelopes, humans have greater endurance. This is a fact that I didn’t know.

Michael Stevens, aka Vsauce, explains why we still call it bottom although it is at the middle of the body: it is at the lowest level in the digestive system and, in a torso-centric view, the butt is the lowest point.

The vertical posture and good looking of out behinds is given by two big muscles in our bottoms. In any case, what most would call a bum, Vsauce would like to call it a marvel. And it is.

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