Why do heroes wear their underwear on the outside? [geek stuff]

The superheroes wear the underwear on the outside because at that time, in the 1940s, the aerial circus performers and wrestlers wore shorts. Julius Schwartz, editor of DC Comics from 1944 to 1986, considered that using the performers as models for the super heroes was a good idea, because of their incredible strength and agility, thus we see now some of the heroes in the way we know it.

It should be noted that, at first, Superman was not that super and was not good. In 1933 in “The reign of Supererman” we find out that a character by the name of Bill Dunn becomes telepathic after drinking a potion and then tries to take over the world. A year later the comics producers decided that Superman was not a bad guy anymore and replaced Bill Dunn with Clark Kent also changing the superpowers along the way.

Nice story, eh? Never thought of Superman being a bad guy, after all 😀

Via GaS.

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