How do animals see us? Now we know!

New Scientist reports that a 3D game lets you see through an animal’s eyes. Animals see the world form around in a very diffenret way, and some of them can even see behind them, like horses do.

What do they say about how do animals see:

Although it was easy to recreate vision inferior to that of humans ā€“ cats and dogs, for example, have trouble distinguishing shades of red ā€“ replicating features that we are unable to see was a challenge. Hawks have more detailed vision than ours, whereas dogs are better at seeing movement and have a wider field of view. “We used virtual cameras to precisely simulate larger viewing angles but the result made people nauseous,” says Schmidt-Morand. “So we tweaked the model to give a sense of the wider view without sticking to reality.”


The rat’s view also departs from reality: because they are near-sighted, everything more than 15 centimetres away is a blur, so they typically move close to walls to help them navigate. “A rat would never throw itself into the middle of an open area,” says Schmidt-Morand. The simulation for this animal is supplemented with a map in the top right corner to help determine the rat’s position: because of their limited eyesight, most landmarks are obscured.

Via Gizmodo.

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