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Learn about Christmas: 27 winter traditions explained by Mental Floss

John Green, from Mental Floss, explains us why some traditions are older than we thought and how some other traditions originated in commerce, like for example, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which was a free storybook given to shoppers at Montgomery Ward Department Store in 1939. Rudolph became a hit song in 1949. So, at first, it was a promotional tool. Cool, eh?

Also, did you know that X-Mas is a valid word for Christmas, as X is the first Greek letter of Christ – Χριστός, Cristos?

Or that Jingle Bells, written in the 1850s by the James Lord Pierpont, originally a Thanksgiving song that then became a Christmas song, is the first song that was transmitted from the space, during Gemini 6 flight in 1965?

Carols started out a church endorsed in fourth century Latin hymns. Ornaments started as apples, then other edibles and then became the ornament we know today. Martin Luther was the first one to put lights on the Christmas tree, but he used candles at the time.

Christmas tree started as being a simple tree, preferably evergreen tree, that was brought by the people in the house in order to celebrate the winter solstice. The evergreen trees would represent all the plant life that would return int he spring.

Learn more int he video from above 😀 Merry X-Mas.

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