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Friday’s amazing facts: we live in the past and losing oxygen would lead to oceans being lost in space

ASAP SCience tells us why our live and the Universe we live in is full of amazing facts. Of course, knowing these facts will make us love more the world we live in and see everything in a new light 😀

Amazing facts:
– we live 80 ms in the past because it takes that much for the brain to process the info we get
– looking at the stars we see how they were years ago
– each second we drift hundreds of kilometers away in the space
– if all the oxygen on Earth would disappear for 5 seconds then all the oceans would be lost in space (info on quora)
– if you traveling always West you will be going only West, but if you will always traveling North you will reach South
– if a pregnant woman suffers organ damage the fetus sends stem cells to help her recover

See more in the video above.

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