30 less known things about video games

Mental Floss has created another great educational video: it teaches us about 30 game changing video games. Nowadays 3D video games show incredibly vivid imagery and awesome physics. You can’t beat a shooter game that allows you to destroy buildings around you 😀

Now, some of the less knows things in regards to the video games (I’m particularly fond of pc games, especially shooters):
– first video game was created in 1940
– Spacewar (1962) was the first game on computer that became popular
– Pong, played on the TV, was very popular by 1975 and video games became a cultural staple
– in 2001 GTA III put sandbox gameplay on the map
– Tetris is the most ported game, available on 65 devices
– Wii Sports was a major innovator because it was incorporating player movements with the game itself

Check more in the video above.

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