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Vsauce explains: why bad words are bad?

Did you ever used the “F” word or the “S” word? Do you know why you use these words and why these words are socially acceptable under some circumstances? Vsauce explains the origin of swear words and how they influence our behavior.

Also, it is worth noting that when you swear you activate other nervous centers from your brain than the normal speech centers. This is why some illnesses allow you to swear, but not to speak correctly. Auch.

Bad, as a word, was, at first, a derogatory term for effeminate man. There is no single reason why bad words are bad.

Vsauce aka Michael Stevens, who gave a nice interview a while ago, tells us that there are 5 types of bad words or swearing:
– abusive – really bad, oriented at hurting people, bad on purpose – used to hurt disfavored persons
– emphatic – taboo words about gross become practical
– dysphemism – bad words with good words in the same place: defecate s@#t
– idiomatic – nothing is emphasized, no dysphemism is made, ok to swear
– cathartic – you get a relief when you swear as a result of a pain

Yep. i didn’t know either that they were doing scientific psychological studies on bad words or swearing. Well, you gotta thank those guys that they do teach us more about our selves. 😀

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