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Did you know these 25 facts about Thanksgiving Day?

John Green speaks about 25 less known facts regarding Thanksgiving in this 7 minute video. As always he explains swiftly why pilgrims didn’t wear buckled hats or why Thanksgiving does not have religious origins.

Other little known facts about Thanksgiving:
– Thanksgiving didn’t originate in America
– Pilgrims clothes were earthtone, not black and white
– traditional foods are not traditional, they ate geese, swans or ducks, not turkey
– Sarah Josepha Hale started Thanksgiving – she campaigned 17 years for such a nationally recognized Thanksgiving
– Lincoln accepted Sarah Josepha Hale’s suggestion to create a Thanksgiving day in 1863
– Sarah Josepha Hale also wrote “Mary had a little lamb”
– in 1941 Congress officially places Thanksgiving in the 4th Thursday of November
– in 2012 about 46 million turkeys were eaten on Thanksgiving

Learn more in the video above. Now you know more about America’s greatest event. Have fun and a great Thanksgiving Day. In Romania we will have our Independence Day on December 1st. Feeling proud of that. 😀

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Yes, i would agree. I work hard trying to find the best subjects to date.

Also, i should post here more frequently, but i work on three blogs at the same time. I have limited energy as you can see 😀

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