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Copyfight: I’m entering Copyblogger’s Essay Contest

I write and read in English a LOT. Most of the time I read or watch movies in English, although I live in Romania. This blog was created, in part, to allow me to learn English like a professional blogger and to better understand the dynamics of the blogosphere outside Romania. I learned and earned quite some experience and money in last two years, since TehgGeekTive exists on the web.

Today I’m entering Copyblogger’s Essay contest and i have to write a 250 words essay that should explain “Why It’s Essential to Be an Online Authority”.

It is hard to write such a short essay and I will have to work a lot for this, however the prizes are really big. I care mostly about the thrill of the match with the native English speakers.

FYI: I wrote a bunch of real long blog posts on Afla Scelta or Spring Merchant about building websites, SEO, marketing. Blogging is awesome 😀

We’ll live and see who wins the contest. Wish me luck!

Copyblogger Essay Contest Poster
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