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Q&A with CGP Grey: find out more about the YouTube superstar

I love the videos CGP Grey creates as they are thorough, packed with information and they explain almost impossible entanglements in social and political world . He also explains daylight saving time, Vatican City, How EU is built, Why Netherlands is so complicated and Why Canadian pennies cost more to make than they’re worth.

Now some facts about CGP Grey: his channel has now 1 million subscribers, he works entire weeks for a single video, he creates several versions of each video and then uploads only one of the to YouTube, the basis of his videos is the script, he listens to podcasts while creating the animations, he likes to be a one-man army, he posts a new video every 5 weeks or so and thinks that people should change their opinions if there is enough proof that those opinions are not ok.

See more in the video from above.

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