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Odd things about us: pain, pee and farts

Hank Green explains why we feel pain and why this process is important. Pain is our body’s way to tell us that something is wrong to make us stop doing a bad thing to our selves. Analgesics, medicine taken to alleviate pain, are created specifically to alter the way the brain receives the pain messages.

The issue is still there, eg bleeding due to a cut, but you don’t feel pain anymore because the pain messages are blocked from reaching the brain. This is why analgesics can be additive. Although we have pain, we should love the fact that feel it, because this way we can know if there is an issue somewhere. Pain is painful, but good.

Second odd thing: all mammals pee in roughly the same timeframe. That means that a human, a horse and an elephant pees in about 15 – 30 seconds. Is this discovery interesting? Maybe, but sure it is odd. The same timeframe in which mammals pee is given by the way we are built and gur tpo gravity.

So, third thing is about farts. They are mostly created due to the air we inhale though our mouths and which reaches our stomach ad our digestive system. The resulting farts are loud and most of the time almost odourless. There are also the silent farts, which smell a lot, due to the fact that they are created by food that was not processed by the small intestine and got into the big intestine, where bacteria munch on it and generate lots of gases that contain sulphur. The bad smell is generated by the presence of sulphur in those farts:

Do you know any other odd facts about our bodies? 😀

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