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The Worls is not the way your know it: Vsauce about maps

Did you know that Greenland is way smaller in reality than we actually see it on many maps? You see is as being about the size of Africa, but you’re wrong. This is because most of the maps we see today are using the Mercator system, a system that preserves shape, but greatly increases the size (area) of countries the more you move to the upper or lower limits of the map.

Vsauce explains it all.

Most of the way we perceive Earth is through our eyes and we depend on how we see light. Earth can be see in IR or UV maps and even in gravitational maps.

I will add here the image with the spectrum of light classified by wavelength to undersntad where UV and IR are

Maps, we can’t live without them. Google is using the Mercator system too. 😀

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