Pirates really did exist in 17th and 18th centuries

The real pirates roamed the seas about 2 -3 hundred years ago and they were as fearless as they say. Some would be defeated and almost killed and then they would escape to become again captains in a new pirate vessel like François l’Olonnais did in 1667. Pirate is a word that would mean “to attack, to try“, from latin pirata.

It seems that the pirates were not hiding their treasures by burying them, like they say Captain Kidd might have done. There are just myths. Vsauce 2 presents in What the FAK a short history of these real-life pirates and explains things like the eye-patch or the “pirate speech”.

Among the most famous pirates of all we should recall: Blackbeard, Benjamin Hornigold, Bartholomew Roberts, François l’Olonnais, Calico Jack, Jolly Roger, Captain Morgan Rum or Madame Cheng.

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