Why aren’t mammals as big as dinosaurs?

It is a known fact that dinosaurs were huge and the biggest of them, Amphiceolias Fragilimus, weighted 122 tons, while an elephants weighs about 5 tons. So, why aren’t the mammals getting as big as the dinosaurs?

Hank Green explains that the mammals are not getting that big because:
1. mammals give birth to live young: that means the bigger the mammal, the bigger the gestation period and it could prove fatal is this is too long
2. the nowadays climate and ecology does not allow it: today is less carbon in the air so the vegetation is smaller
3. mammals are limited by the skeletal system: to big of an animal and it can’t even move
4. mammals are endothermic beings (warm blooded): too big of such an animal and it can cooks its own tissues.

Wow. Now we can see why mammals are not as big as the dinosaurs. The cooking part seems to be an interesting theory, though.

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