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Badass Romanian Monster Truck: Ghe-O Rescue

Ok, is Marauder‘s little brother and it’s less than 1/3 of a Marauder price tag: around 150 000 euros. The Ghe-O Rescue, specifically created for rescue missions, truck can transport 11 people and is an all-terrain wonder. Created by Romanian off-road racing fans Robert Oprea & Cristian Vlad this rescue vehicle can roam trough the woods with no issues.

Ghe-O created several types of cars and the Utility category has Rescue and a Firefighter. Ghe-O Rescue is very flexible because you can use a plow with it, float on the water (if you add floating pillows), ride on ice and snow using tracks in rear wheels, on top cargo, medical stretch, terratrip.

It is not like a Behemoth, but surely packs a lot of punch for it’s 3.2 tonnes. See move videos on their Ghe-O YouTube channel.

Via Top Gear, thanks to Radu.

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