Smartphones and entertainment: really?! I mean, some would give up sex…

In the infographic produced by Coupon Audit (provides Shoebacca coupons) these guys show us that 15% of smartphone owners would rather give up sex during week-ends than to put their phone waay. that doe snot seem smart of funny at at all 🙁

In any case, other interesting facts from the infographic are these:
– most people have played games with on the smartphone – 64%
– Android guys (like me) spend about 9.3 hours/month playing games (I send null hours)
– it seems that iPhone users are more optimistic 52% Apple, 27% Android
– the first mobile phone was created by Motorola in 1983 and weighted 2lbs

And many more below.
Do People Use Smartphones To Get Entertained?

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