Can we bring back extinct animals? Almost!

What Hank Green names as being resurrection biology is a domain whereby the scientist want to develop method of bringing back extinct lifeforms, like wooly mamoths or dinosaurs. While the dinosaurs might never be brought back in the form they once were, the technology already exists, but it needs to be perfected.

the main issue with all this is the DNA alteration that occurs after a while. Basically, we are not able to resurrect animals past 2 millions years ago. And we really need living cells from the extinct animal. Since that is not possible scientists need to work with broken DNA, add it into the DNA of nowadays species, do hundreds of tries and then, maybe,m obtain a living creature that would have more more traits from the extinct animal than form the nowadays species.

Then, using selective breeding you may obtain a pretty close species to what was once extinct. Yep, science can be weird and interesting in the same time.

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