30 lifehacks debunked: fail or pass?

John Green has tested 30 lifehacks and found out that some are true and others are not working at all. You can see the list of 30 lifegacks debunked on YouTube and you shoudl take about 10 minutes out of your time to at least see the video form above.

Among the failed lifehacks John Green has detected that using toilet paper roll won’t turn into a speaker, using a hammer and a nail won’t open the wine bottle, wooden spoon on top of a boiling pot won’t stop it from boiling over and some others.

If you’d like to know which lifehacks received a pass then you need to try cutting onions while chewing gum, light a candle with a stick of spaghetti, use a to-go box as a plate and many others.

So, that’s about 30 lifehacks from Mental Floss. Hooray.

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