10 ways the NSA spies on each one of us

Why would I, a guy from Romania, Eastern Europe, be concerned about the NSA tracking us too? Even though we live in a police state (the Police can stop you and ask you for your documents at any time, without reason) I do care about my personal messages or about the pictures that I take with my phone.

And yes, NSA is spying on the entire world because we all use: Google, Microsoft services, Amazon, ebay and so on. Many, if not all, cloud services are used by a ton of people from everywhere.

Most interestingly, the fact that the NSA has custom built code into the Android software itself is particularly interesting. I have nothing to hide, but I do like my messages to be kep private ie between me and my friends.

Anywhoo, see in the video above 10 ways the NSA is spying on us all.

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