Coupon Buster – create coupon codes automatically in BigCommerce [S]

A while back Spring Merchant created a neat Chrome extension that was used to create automatically Bigcommerce coupon code. It was a free tool and did a great job, until it was discontinued. Having to work on may projects and other, more pressing tasks, the Spring Merchant team had to abandon the coupon code fight.

But not for long.

After seeing such a great demand for generating many coupon codes in bulk for Bigcommerce, the works on a new app that would help the store owners was initiated, a new and shinny app saw the light of day. It’s name: Coupon Buster.

That’s a catchy name, if you ask me, and it entails exactly it’s job: beat the heck out of the coupon codes in Bigcommerce.

Ok, for those who do not know why such an app is a big deal let me tell you: you need to create those coupon codes manually in Bigcommerce. That is just fine for 5, 10 or even 50 coupon codes.

But what if you have campaigns on Groupon or Livingsocial? What if you need to create 100, 300 or 2000 coupon codes? A Bigcommerce store owner knows the gist: it is freakishly painful to have to create all those manually and it costs a lot to hire virtual workers to help you out.

With hundreds of hours spent on the task and having to pay the virtual workers a truckload of cash the store owners know that such a huge task can be prohibitive and discouraging.

But not today, not. Coupon Buster lets you automatically create coupon codes in Bigcommerce. You need to have the list of coupon codes in a CSV file, you copy a file to your store and you’re ready to make the wonder happen: it imports the list of coupon codes in mere minutes.

At an affordable price, you can import as many coupon codes as many times you need. You pay only a fixed amount of $50 for a lifetime use. Now, for the help that it provides I do think that this is a great deal.

Let me know: what do you think of the app? Have you tested it?

The app can also be automatically downloaded and you won’t need to wait for the email from the developers as was previously the case.

Disclaimer: I work at Spring Merchant and only marginally helped with the app.

Later Edit: check out this video tutorial of how to use coupon buster

26 Responses to “Coupon Buster – create coupon codes automatically in BigCommerce [S]”

  1. Manny, Great Article!

    Can you post how to get started once you have paid $25 for CouponBuster?

    Anxious to get started and thought SpringMerchant would send follow-up email after purchasing. Not real sure what to do next and sure others have same problem.

    If easier to notify me directly, I would appreciate it. Looks like it will work great for me if I can get it installed.


    • Jim, I sent you a reply via email and also contacted the app creator. The instructions should be send to you by tomorrow.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Manny, I’m interested in this app to import coupons into BC. What is the nature of this app, is it a chrome extension, a stand alone app, or a web app hosted on springmerchant website?

    Look forward to your reply.


    • It is a standalone app. You install it into your /content/ folder and it also works with some files on Spring Merchant, but basically you install/copy it on your server.

  4. Hi there! I recently purchased this Coupon Buster app and have installed and got to the final point of uploading the coupon csv file and nothing happens. It doesn’t start automatically and I have emailed the support team at Spring Merchant several times about the issue an and have not heard anything back from them. Don’t know what to do since no one will email me back. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  5. Jeremy Thurswell Reply 01. Apr, 2014 at 22:21

    Hi, I have purchased the app as well, but I have not heard back. Would someone please get them to e-mail me.

    Also, Tracie, is your coupon uploader working now?

    • I have sent your email to the programmer. You should receive a reply soon.

    • Hi Jeremy! yes, it is working and working great! I initially had my username wrong which is why it wouldn’t automatically upload. It’s a time-saver:)

      • Hi Tracie – and Manny – I’m having the same issue (not automatically updating), but I’m fairly sure I’ve got the correct Legacy API username and token. Is there a trick I’m missing?

        This program is a huge help… if I can just figure out what’s amiss!

        I’ve submitted a ticket to the developer – hope to hear back soon, but thought I’d check in here, as well.


        • Hi Frank,

          Glad that you bought the coupon buster.

          Usually you need to insert the correct url, api username and password and it should work.

          Please ask the dev to help with more detailed explanations. When you contact him please explain step by step what you do, send a video or screenshots to let him help you more.

          This app is great from what the customers have told the dev.

          I hope you’ll return in the future to let us know how it went 😀

  6. Thanks, Manny – I’ll make sure they’ve got anything I can provide. I’m fairly confident it’s an issue on my end.

    Thanks for the reply and the excellent review – it definitely contributed to me buying it, and I’ll be back to report on where my issue was.

    • Cool. Let me know 😀

      • Well – no reply by this morning (that’s slightly less than 1 business day, though), but I needed this quick, so I called the contact number in Romania. Emilian answered and solved the issue in a quick series of emails. EXCELLENT support from him.

        My API login info wasn’t the culprit here – it was the csv I was trying to upload. It needed to be saved as a Windows csv (not Mac), and all 9 columns are required.

        This is a great little program and a huge benefit. Thanks for your recommendation!

        • Good to know that the issue could be resolved quickly. As far as I know usually the culprit is the CSV file used or wrong login details used. Thanks.

  7. HI,
    i purchased this APP few hours ago.
    I need it to use for Bigcommerce coupon massive upload.
    I cannot understand how to start with it?
    I opened a ticket wihtout answer (by now)
    Can someone explain to me step by step how works?
    I need to complete this job by end of week.

    Thanks everybody

    • You need to wait for the email form the developer. That email will have the install instructions in it.

  8. I bought the installer and haven’t heard from anyone, is this supposed to take a while or should it have been auto-emailed to me? I need the tool to send a campaign this week. Frustrated that I haven’t gotten any response, even an auto-generated one, from Spring Merchant.

    • You should receive an email once the developer checks the the Paypal invoices. Those emails will also have the instructions in them.

  9. I purchased the ap. I am in living social tomorrow and need the instructions ASAP. More info should be provided on the website when purchasing.

    • As far as I know the developer sends the instructions in an email after payment is confirmed. He should send you that email soon.

  10. Hi
    I’m not sure if i’m on the right place i want to create a coupon on Busters for my clients but it is not very user friendly, can you explain to me how I go about it.

    • Coupon Buster is the name of the app. You can use it to create many coupon codes for Bigcommerce very fast.

  11. I’m having the same problem as others above. I can’t get the coupons to load into the store. Even with the test csv file provided, I am having trouble. I have tried generating a file on both windows and mac systems. Also, I have emailed tech support three times in the last two days with no response. Any ideas how I can get my issues resolved. I would really love to make use of this app.