Three numbers: Wildcat – 16 mph, Human – breathes 11 000 litres of air/day, 4 billion fish in a school of hering

Meet Wildcat, Boston dynamic’s new toy, or robot, or robot-toy. It can run at 16 mph and can turn relatively easy. And it makes so much noise that you really know when the doom comes. Once this robot is ready for production you can mount a gun on it and hunt talibans in the forests like it was a piece of cake.

Oh, you thought they build these robot-animals just for fun? They will be mostly for carrying baggage and recon, but some will have weapons on them. The guys as GaS are really excited about this robot.

Next on> how much air does a human consume in one day?

We consume about 7-8 litres of air per minute and about 11 000 litres of air per day. Ok, we are talking about volume here, okay? A 2 litre bottle could hold a mass of about 2 kilograms of milk so there is a difference. They actual weight of the air will be way smaller. The weight of air is about 1.2g/L and you consume about 12 kg of air in a day. Way to go 😀

Can you count the living being on Earth? Yes. Sorta.

There are 7 billion people on Earth, 10 billion bats, 4 billion fish in a school of Atlantic Hering, 1 quadrillion aphids in US alone. Don’t forget to check the weight of all the biomass and you’ll get some pretty interesting numbers in there. Have fun!

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