Three big 10s: bets, vinegar lifehacks and countries that don’t officially exist

Quirkology has always interesting stuff to show off. For example, turn a bottle upside down and put it on a table. Under it put a dollar bill. Ask someone to take the bill without touching the bottle. You simply hit the table with the fist at the same time time you draw the bill quickly from underneath the bottle. Bet won.

The 10 lifehacks from HouseHoldHacker are tully awesome. Try to get rid of the smell from the trash can by using vinegar on a piece of bread that you throw into the trash can. Or use vinegar to trap flies or remove wrinkles. Just spray vinegar over a sofa and the cat won’t crawl on it again.

AllTime10s teaches about 10 countries that don’t officially exist like Transnistria, Kosovo, Taiwan, Repulbic of South Osetia and some others.

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