Two awesome toys: kinetic sand and self-healing polyelastomer

When having some fun with awesome toys we always think of soem video games. Why not something that you can put your hands on and even mold it? Meet the kinetic sand from Wabafun. That is a 98% sand compund with some other stuff in it.

It sticks only to itself, it can be molded into shapes, it can be cut and can be easily cleaned after. Fun is, fun does!

Noe, let’s play with something else. what about a self-healing polyelastomer or a gummy plastic thingy that can weld itself after two hours? You cut that thing in several pieces, then put those pieces together and then, voila, you have the big piece in one place.

Imagine how cool would be to have a house or car that welds itself in mere minutes after you have dug a hole in it? The future will be amazing.

Details taken from the following paper: A Rekondo et al, Mater. Horiz., 2014, DOI: 10.1039/c3mh00061c VIA

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