Do you really know who Nikola Tesla was?

Most probably not. You know of many of his achievements as Oatmeal outlines: alternate current, radar, wireless power recharging, X-rays and many others. We was and will be one of my heroes and a great man.

However, the real Nikola Tesla was a bit different. It is a incomplete image to say that he was a great scientist and not know that he disagreed with Einstein regarding Relativity and that he was kinda racist (fan of eugenics). Does this make his achievements less important. No, however we will not see him is such an ideal way.

An Penn and Teller series explains, the great people we have grown to love and adore were and are humans that act pretty much like everyone and some things from their lives might be upsetting. We need to focus on the raw achievement and use them to further promote science, but we also need to NOT forget that human is human does.

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