Levitate and melt aluminum using a coil

A couple of Russians did an extremely interesting experiment: they levitated and melted aluminum sample weighing 2.6 g. They used a power inverter of1.6 kW, with frequency of 204 kHz and temperature peaks of about 1200C.

What happens there are two things: levitation and melting. Levitation is generated by the fact that any substance it he world is magnetic but not all like the permanent magmnets we’re used to. When you put any substance in a coil and thus generate a flow of electrons which, in return , generate a magnetic field, then you get to see that the substance is floating.

It is said that aluminum, since it is not a permanent magnet, it is a paramagnetic material. That means that above the Curie Temperature, that is the temperature at which substances that are not permanent magnets become induced magnets, the aluminum becomes a magnet.

Via Geek.

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