Head Squeeze: what is the difference between a geek and a nerd?

When I created TehGeekTive I had the geeks in mind, the ones who are passionate about a theme and they were loving it, being some of the greatest fans. Of course, that theme is science and technology and with a bit of extra’s like jet fighters hitting Mach 1+ near a beach os some dubstep video.

Hannah Fry, a nerd by definitions, explains in this Number Hub episode the difference between geeks and nerds:
1. people like to be called a geek, not a nerd – something that has to do with popularity. Geeks are popular and are seen as smarter and at the cutting edge of a domain of interest, while nerds don’t like to be in the spotlight and very smart, knowledgeable and committed. You can’t fake being a nerd, but you can show off as a geek. Geeks speak about magic, nerds do it.
2. geeks stand out from the crowd, while nerds are conventional squares- nerds are dull, boring, the guys that won’t go out and party in college, while geeks, originally known as freaks, attract attentions to themselves.
3. geeks are fans of their subject, but nerds are practitioners – geeks are associated with words like Apple, Linux, box set, trendy, shiny and nerds with words like intellectual, smarty pants, neuroscience, education, mathematics, data, analytics.

Watch out, that tlast points conclusion was drawn from a study which analyzed 2.6 million tweets.

So yeah, I am a geek, fan of a subject, with some traces of nerdom, of course.

A word about the etymology of the words geek and nerd, from Head Squeeze:

As ever, clues lie in the etymology of the words themselves. Nerd is said to be derived from either Northern Electrical Research and Development, or drunk spelled backwards. The former was obviously a employer of Nerds, whereas students at MIT came up with nerd to describe their classmates who definitely weren’t partaking in their pastime of choice. Meanwhile Geek is an old word that came about during 19th century circus human freakshow acts

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