Learn more about Hank Green, from SciShow, one of my favourite geeks

Hank Green, from SciShow and CrashCourse, and probably a gazillion other educational geeky channels, is one of my favourite geeks, in the same line as Vsauce, Minute Physiucs, ASAP Science, CGP Grey, Head Squeeze and many others.

He had a tough life in school, like many geeks, and now he is an internet superstar. The guys that bullied or made fun of him because we is a geek surely regret their actions now. And they better be because geeks changed the world. Remember Bill Gates or any other guys like him?

In the interview from above Hank Green told The Good Stuff that he is also a big fan of the mongol history. Why? Because Genghis Han protected the intelectuals and used them to construct better weapons and tech. Being geek was surely a great thing by that time and now too.

On the geeky side The Good Stuff explains how you can fight with some scifi&fansasy cliche’s of all times: alien invasion, wizards, magic amulets and being in a virtual world.

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