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Fasten your seatbelts: learn about flight instructions with Rocketboom

Keghan invites us to Rockeboom Flight Attendant School and we learn that following the flight instructions is REALLY, really important. There are not so many perils while in flight, but you never know.

Best is to devote the first minutes of each flight to the instructions those fine ladies are presenting each time. I miss flying. I flew a couple of times to/from Spain to Romania and one time from Germany back home, and it was a different experience.

Flying is fun. I tried paragliding once and almost dies, but it was fun. The landing was a bit rough as the paraglider had me crawling on the grass for a couple of feets. Why? Because I forgot the landing lesson and it was pulled on the ground and got my clothes dirty.

So, in any case, guys, just follow the instruction. And follow Rocketboom too.

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