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What’s that all about the expansion of the Universe? Do we expand too?

If you won’t get what the video tells us then “Y’all need Jesus”, as the fine lady says. Einstein thought that the expansion of the Universe is a given therefore he considered that we need to add a constant. Constants are certain given values that we need to take “as is” because they keep the same value everywhere in the Universe, like the speed of light.

Interestingly enough, light might have mass, albeit a pretty tiny one, in which case the constant called speed of light might be renamed to something else. Getting back to the expansion of the Universe this is all about the expansion of SPACE, of the catiner everything is in right now.

nope, we don’t expand with that Universe and we see things standing right next to us because gravity is stronger than the expansion of the Universe at smaller distances than some thousands of millions of light years.

So, in fact, we see the expansion mostly between galaxies. Now it’s much better. I wouldn’t have liked to know that after 50 years I would have been 100 feets taller that before. In that case, anyhow, it wouldn’t have mattered because we all would be bigger.

So, space expands, not us. Great one.

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