New moon, new disease, new animals and why do tornadoes attack USA so hard?

The news from SciShow are here: scientists have discovered a new Neptune moon and it is yet to be named, a new disease has been found out in USA and it caused by a virus (you can’t kill that with anti-biotics) and a new species named Hero Shrew.

This Hero Shrew has a spine made of interlocking vertebrae which makes this rodent’s backbone four times stronger than any other vertebrate. Yay.

Now, why do tornadoes hit USA so hard? From about 1500 tornadoes that hit Earth each year, about 65 – 80% occur in the USA. Well, it seems that the tornadoes occur in the Tornado Valley, between Rocky and Appalachian Mountains.

Key ingredients for the tornadoes: low elevation moisture provided by the Gulf of Mexico, hot dry air that from south-western desert that blocks the moist air from rising, then add some cold dry air from Rocky Mountains that comes above the dry hot air. The tornado starts when we add some wind or cold front. Then the trapped moist air from the bottom of the atmosphere bursts upwards at speeds of about 160km/h. The rising air, that generates a supercell with heights up to 15000 meters, generates a vortex. And there we hate it: a tornado.

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