4 inventions inspired by SciFi movies

Good SciFi movies start from scientific facts and then try to stretch the imagination up until the devices and worlds created this way are fundamentally changed. This way, Star Trek was able to envision a brave new world of machines, communication and civilizations.

Some of the most coolest inventions, like the cell phone, were inspired by SciFi movies. Hank Green, from SciShow, tells us about 4 such inventions:
the cell phone : Martin Cooper, engineer and executive at Motorola in the ’70s, created the first prototypes of cell phones (called Dynatacs) after he saw how Captain Kirk, from Star Trek, used a pocket communicator to call the bridge;
the submarine: remember Nautilus, from “20 000 leagues under the sea” (written in 1870) , one of the most known books from Jules Verne? In 1898 the Argonaut, a US submarine created by Simon Lake, was able to travel from Norfolk, Virginia to Sandyhook, New Jersey without having any issues.
telemanipulators: also called waldos, these manipulators were created by Central Research Laboratories in 1945 for the Argonne National Laboratory. These manipulators were created based on a machine envisioned in “Waldo”, written by Robert Heinlein (one of the Big Three of Science Fiction : Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov );
the taser : a non-lethal gun that was invented by Jack Cover in the ’70s who was inspired by an sci-fi book called “Tom Swift and his electric rifle”, written by a group of ghost writers who used the pen name Victor Appleton.

We need to remember a thing: scifi books and movies made many people follow scientific activities. Now, thats is another big win. SciFi, we love ya!

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