About wars, memory and humanoid robots – weekly news from SciShow

Hank Green brings us the weekly news in science and technology. In short words, I did not wanted to miss out on the fact that wars are a human thing, albeit a rare one. Most of the killings show up, research suggests, only between individuals within a group and not between wider groups.

Also, animals may have longer memory span than we would think, as seen in the ape test, where the apes recognized a hiding place for tools after three years. Oh, also know that goldfishes have a memory span way longer than 3 seconds.

And, hot in the news is Atlas, the humanoid war robot. For now it will be used for disaster mitigation and even warfare and they will be controlled from a distance by human operators, much like the Predator drones of today.

Science and tech are truly awesome and, even if we do not like that the army is inventing stuff that kills, we should look at the fact that the internet and teflon were once an army thing.

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