Project Loon – how the internet will become ubiquitous

Rocketboom did a short video packed with details about Google’s attempt to give internet to everyone in the World. Project Loon, called this way because the internet will be broadcasted via baloons in the stratosphere, wants to help remote areas get a change to a better education, through online lessons, better healthcare, through online connections between doctors and people in need, and they even want to help generate new online businesses.

Rocketboom asks a few questions regarding how this system would work and if there will be political or military interference. More probably than not enough countries will refuse to cooperate in this initiative and something like Project Loon might become a pain point in diplomatic affairs all over the World.

I am eager to find out how this will unfold, but one thing is sure: internet can and will help more people than we would imagine. Think about all the stuff you can learn about on the web.

See what Google says about Project Loon:

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