Dinosaur rap. Get to know the terrible lizards up close

Dinosaurs or “terrible lizards” has now a science rap. Coma niddy has done it again. He explains what those dinosaurs names mean in a catchy way and with a nice tue. Science is cool. You only need to know where to search.

This is what some of the dinosaur names mean:
Allosaurus – different lizard
Velociraptor – swift thief
T-Rex – tyrant king lizard
Saurolophus – near crest
Troodon – wounding tooth
Stegosaurus – roof lizard
Sauropods – lizard foot
Therapod – beast feet
Ornithopod – bird feet
Ceratopsid – horn face

Well, I learned something new!

UPDATE:July 20 2013. And here we have the follow-up video with some myths dispelled. Thanks Coma Niddy for your awesome work!

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