50 science misconceptions busted

Hank Green is always on top of whatever has the tag “science” on it. In this video we find out about 50 science misconceptions and the truth about them.

Some of the most interesting misconceptions and the facts are:
– the Brontosaurus never existed
– the far side of the Moon is not black, it gets the same sunlight as any other part of the Moon
– there are 8 planets in the Solar system, Pluto being demoted to dwarf planet
– killer whales are not whales, they are bigger dolphins
– the goldfish has a memory span of months, not 3 seconds
– the humans have between 9 and 20 senses, based on the studies, and not only 5
– gravity is not a downward force
– the chickens do not need a rooster to lay eggs
– the Coriolis effect does not influence how the water goes down the sink
– we have taste buds for every taste everywhere in our mouths
– the seasons are not generated by the distance to the sun, but by the tilt of Earth axis
– alcohol does NOT kill brain cells
– centrifugal force does not really exist
– Earth core is solid, not molten

So, there you have it. Science misconception busted by the good guys at Mental Floss.

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