Ghost towns of America

BuzzFeed created recently another short and interesting video this time about the ghost towns of USA. Some of these towns are a ready made scene for horror or adventure movies. Centralia, Pennsylvania sits on top of an ever burning coal mine and the earth it’s hot like hell. No wonder why people had to move out.

Underground Seattle is an incredible town beneath the current city of Seattle. In 1889 a fire destroyed most of the Downtown Seattle and they built another city on top of the old one with streets above the old ones too. A city that was lost for more than 100 years lies down there and it would be a great place for a new video game to take place in. In the video above you can see other interesting facts about ghost towns of America.

With over 300 million people in there and a vast country no wonder why so many cities get lost in the sand of times. Still, it is good to know that someone counts those too.

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