Cyber AJ, the man saved from Parkinson’s disease by having electrodes in his brain

Cyber AJ, called like this because he has electrodes in his brain, is a modern cyborg that is able to fight against the Parkinson’s disease by having his brain constantly stimulated by small electrical charges which help him regain control over his motion and body.

He has electrodes in his brain connected to a pacemaker in his chest and then uses a remote control to activate the pacemaker. In order to have a chance against the disease he needed to undergo a deep brain stimulation surgery.

In the video from above you can see that the effect is instant and that he constantly needs the device to have a normal life.

Below you can see details about the Parkinson’s disease and about the deep brain stimulation process. Science is doing an incredible job and I can only say one thing: we life in an incredible World.

Via [Dvice].

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