Hack a cockroach and get your own cyborg bug

We have now a cyborg cockroach thanks to researchers form North Carolina State University. They have been able to put the hacked cockroach on auto-pilot using sensors attached to the bug’s external sensory organs. Using a Kinect the researchers are able to track it’s location and direction and then they steer it by injecting small electrical charges in the bug’s neural system.

The bug is steered on the right path by fooling it that its antennae are hitting a wall. Those small electrical charges are able to trick the bug into thinking this.

What can I say? Is it ethical to control an animal this way? Would something like this be possible for humans too? Evrtyhing is possible, but I do think that using this on animals might help us in solving a number of issues. Yay, science.

Via [PopSci].

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