The biker’s AR helmet aka HUD is here

LiveMap, a Russian company, is pioneering a bike HUD, which can help any biked find his way easily using the GPS and a AR visor. The HUD consists of helmet, central processing unit, battery, light source, GPS, AR visor, earphones and microphone and voice recognition software.

They also have a page on Indiegogo and they will raise about $150k in about a month. The HUD only shows the minimum info that you need and, if you have high speeds, it will show only the speed and direction, as opposed to the live map when you travel at about 50 km/h.

this bike helmet is great and will cost about $2000 or $1500 for the early birds. Let us see more of these helmets on the streets. The fighter jet pilots have one, why shouldn’t the guys on the roads have one?

Via Dvice.

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