Epipheo: if you do not pay for the product, then YOU are the product

Well, that’s not something new. “Free” was never free. You data is a commodity, a currency with which you pay that free service. And it becomes more obvious with the passing of time that you are paying for every second you are using the “free” service.

How do you pay for the “free” service? You pay with your time, with your input (statuses, photos, videos, knowledge, what you share, your connections and so on) and in return you are returned a ToS (terms of service) sheet that tells you that you basically have no right over your own photos that you upload in a photos sharing website.

We may need to rethink this world and see us not as users that receive free service, but a full members of the Internet, netizens, with rights and obligations and with the right to choose what it’s being done to our information.

the web is not just a place where we hang our anymore. It’s our life, our second life. Facebook and other web silos should start thinking in other terms. They should also create a board where the netizens can word their opinions. We give you our time and data and in return you receive a ton of money from the advertisers. Now you should listen.

I like the video above and the fact that it shows that our data is important and we should keep it dear and near to us.

2 Responses to “Epipheo: if you do not pay for the product, then YOU are the product”

  1. Our data is extremely important to us. And to just give it away would be giving away a piece of your privacy. A persons privacy can evolve into much more then just a few words or an image. Consideration is important when handling your own data.

    • consideration or not, many of our friends are on the web silos and we need to be there too. Unfortunately there not much choice. Best is to hop in and then ask for a change of mind while in there. Or simply don’t share anything 😀